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1 million-dollar gold coin of Queen Elizabeth II on view in the Bode-Museum


Queen Elizabeth II will be arriving in Berlin on Tuesday, 23 June, on the first stage of her state visit to Germany. The Bode-Museum is offering a golden alternative for anyone who cannot see in her in the flesh. The 'Big Maple Leaf' has been on show at the Münzkabinett (Numismatic Collection) in the Bode Museum since December 2010. Weighing 100 kg, the gold coin has a face value of $1 million. The coin entered the Guinness Book of Records, not for its size, but for its unsurpassed purity of 999.99/1000 gold.

The coin was issued by the Royal Canadian Mint on 3 May 2007. With a diameter of 53 cm, it is 3 cm thick. Like all Canadian gold coins, it bears the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as head of the Commonwealth on the obverse. The coin is in fact just one of some 3400 numismatic highlights presented by the Münzkabinett in the numismatic galleries at the Bode Museum on the Museumsinsel Berlin. With a total of more than 540,000 objects, the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin's Münzkabinett is Germany's most important archive of coinage and the 'Big Maple Leaf' is a stately, permanent representative of the Queen in Berlin.

The Münzkabinett at the Bode-Museum