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The 250,000th visitor is welcomed to the exhibition 'In the Light of Amarna. 100 Years of the Nefertiti Discovery' - now open until 4 August 2013


The Staatliche Museen zu Berlin supports Earth Hour 2013


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Reopening of the Museum Berggruen on 15 March 2013


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New special offer: become a member of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin for as little as 25 euros. New pricing comes into effect on 1 April 2013


Image with the lucky 100,000th visitor surrounded by Martin Honert (left), Udo Kittelmann and Gabriele Knapstein (right)
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100,000 visitors have come and seen 'Martin Honert - Kinderkreuzzug' so far


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Museum Berggruen: Open Days on 16 and 17 March


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Humboldt Lab Dahlem: Testing Ground for the Future Humboldt Forum