Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices

The project Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices is organized by the KHI in Florence (Max Planck Institute) and based at the Forum for Transregional Studies in Berlin. Partners in the project are: the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, the Freie Universität Berlin, the Humboldt Universität, and ICI Berlin. The project is integrated into the programme Connecting Art Histories in the Museum (KHI Florenz/Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin).

The programme is open to postdoctoral scholars of Asian, African, Islamic, European, Latin American, and Pacific art history, archaeology, and other disciplines dealing with the history and current state of visual cultures. It creates an arena in which scholars from all continents can discuss the perspectives and contours of a pluralist history of art and artistic practices.

The chronological horizon of the programme ranges from the creation of the earliest artefacts to the present day.

Through the establishment of several annual scholarships for postdocs, workshops, and travelling seminars, the programme aims to create an international network that will make a lasting contribution to the shifting global focus of art-historical study.

More information about the scholarship programme and application guidelines are available here.