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Neues Museum | 100.000 visitor in the exhibition "China and Egypt. Cradles of the World"

Press release (German)
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Mechtild Kronenberg
Head of Press, Communication, Sponsorship
Phone: +49 30 266423401
E-Mail: kommunikation[at]

Markus Farr
Press officer Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Phone: +49 30 266423402
E-Mail: presse[at]

Fiona Geuß
Press officer Nationalgalerie
Phone: +49 30 39783416
E-Mail: presse[at]

Timo Weißberg
Press officer Dahlem and Museums at the Humboldt Forum
Phone: +49 30 266426803
E-Mail: presse[at]

Konstanze Hausstätter
Permission for commercial purposes (film, photograph, or record audio request)
Phone: +49 30 266423412
E-Mail: k.hausstaetter[at]