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The Germanic Tribes: The abandoned settlement of Klein-Köris


Gathering more than 700 objects from all over Central Europe, the exhibition The Germanic Tribes. An Archaeological Survey and thus presents for the first time a comprehensive insight into the exciting history of the Germanic groups from the 1st to the 3rd century. All thematic areas of life at that time are illuminated in detail on the basis of top-class finds. But what are the highlights of our curators' exhibition?

This time, however, it is not so much an object but an entire complex that has taken the interest of curator Dr. Heino Neumayer: The graphic reconstruction of the abandoned Germanic settlement of Klein Köris, just under 30 km south of Berlin. While from the 1st to the 3rd century the region of today's Brandenburg with all its rivers and lakes was a popular settlement area, things look very different from the 4th century onwards.

Photo: Life picture of the abandoned settlement of Klein Köris from the 4th century AD based on the archaeological results. © Mikko Kriek, 2020
Music: Fornnordiska Klanger. Researched and produced by Casja S. Lund