Symposium “Exhibiting Difficult Histories“: Colonial, Neocolonial, & Decolonial Projects. African Material Culture


Prof. Dr Tukufu Zuberi, Lasry Family Professor of Race Relations and Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania

Recent developments related to restitution and the transfer of ownership rights have led and will continue to lead to new forms of presentation of Benin works. This event gives us the opportunity to deepen the links between academia and museums on a national and international level. As a learning and process-orientated institution, we are interested in critically questioning our own exhibition process and doing this together with our guests.

Video: Art Beat

The Benin Collection in Berlin

Moshe Gershuni. No Father No Mother

Benin Bronzes: Another Major Step Taken Towards Strengthening Cultural Collaboration and Achieving Restitution
Benin Bronzes: Discussions with the Nigerian Delegation in Berlin
Everything at a Glance: The Ethnologisches Museum’s Benin Collection Accessible Online
Expansion of the Ethnologisches Museum’s Benin Exhibition and Symposium in April 2024
First Restitution of “Benin Bronzes” from the Ethnologisches Museum: Commemorative Head and Relief Plaque
Humboldt Forum: Agreement on the Repatriation of the Benin Bronzes in the Ethnologisches Museum Still Planned for 2022
In Cooperation with the Ethnologisches Museum: The Benin Dialogue Group Consolidates Plans for a Museum in Nigeria
Return of Benin Bronzes from the Ethnologisches Museum: Artefacts Now in Nigerian Hands
Return of the First Ten Benin Objects from the Collection of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin’s Ethnologisches Museum
The Benin Bronzes: Negotiations Over the Restitution of Objects from the Collections of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Humboldt Forum, Ethnologisches Museum | Exhibition extension and symposium: Historical entanglements of the Kingdom of Benin and their significance for the current restitution debate | 19.4.2024
Ethnologisches Museum
Benin – 600 Jahre höfische Kunst aus Nigeria

Symposium „Exhibiting Difficult Histories“: Engaging Histories, Envisaging Futures (Film)
Symposium “Exhibiting Difficult Histories: Benin Objects and their Potential for New Forms of Representation“: Greeting and introduction (Film)
Symposium “Exhibiting Difficult Histories“: On the "Benin Bronzes" (Film)
Symposium “Exhibiting Difficult Histories“: Indigenous Exhibition of Benin Cultural Objects (Film)
Symposium “Exhibiting Difficult Histories: Benin Objects and their Potential for New Forms of Representation“: Wrap-up (Film)
Benin Bronzes. Restitution and what now? Part I (Film)
Benin Bronzes. Restitution and what now? Part II (Film)
Benin Bronzes. Restitution and what now? Part III (Film)

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