Retrospect: Opening of the East Wing at the Humboldt Forum


To mark the opening of the final section of the collection displays of the Ethnologisches Museum and the Museum für Asiatische Kunst of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin at the Humboldt Forum on 17 September 2022, some 80 representatives of international communities, indigenous experts, colleagues from museums in the countries of origin, artists, filmmakers, and academics from Africa, America, Asia and Oceania all travelled to Berlin. In a workshop programme held over the 10 days leading up to the opening, these visitors engaged in a lively discussion on topics such as the evolution of the work of the museums and of the Humboldt Forum.

These stakeholders, many of whom are long-standing partners of the Ethnologisches Museum and the Museum für Asiatische Kunst, have contributed to the exhibitions at the Humboldt Forum in the most diverse ways, for example as co-curators, through collaborative research, scholarly consulting, or through their own works of contemporary art. Over a weekend of public activities accompanying the opening, expert talks and a range of other events gave the guests the chance to enter into direct dialogue with some 25,000 museum-goers.