PERFORM! 2nd Annual Performance Festival | Yoko Ono


The Neue Nationalgalerie is the festival venue for this year's Berlin Art Week (BAW) and is hosting a performance festival for the second time on the occasion of BAW 2023: PERFORM! with works by Yoko Ono, Göksu Kunak and many more. Yoko Ono's historic, groundbreaking and influential 1964 performance "Cut Piece" headlined our second annual performance festival PERFORM!

"Cut Piece" is one of Yoko Ono's earliest performance works: Here the artist sat alone, in her best clothes, on the floor with a pair of scissors in front of her. The audience was instructed to take turns approaching her and cutting off a small piece of her clothing with the scissors, which they were then allowed to keep. For Berlin Art Week, the Neue Nationalgalerie is cooperating with Studio Yoko Ono and Berlin-based performers will perform the work.

Yoko Ono, Cut Piece, 1965 Minoru Niizuma © Yoko Ono
Video: artbeats Berlin