Museum meets mosque - The TAMAM project presents its work


With its teaching material, TAMAM opens a space for thought for young people, young adults and everyone who wants to participate. We do not give simple answers to complex questions, but encourage the participants to form their own opinions and to justify them. With the latest mediation media, we adapt to the usage behavior of the target groups and also enable the content of the project to be made accessible across Germany at a low threshold. With TAMAM, the Museum für Islamische Kunst  (Museum for Islamic Art) is opening up its educational efforts on the area of Islamic youth work and is simultaneously looking for the innovative connection between transcultural and political education.

Cinematography & Editing: Alexander Papadopoulos
Concept: Cigdem Binbay, Shirin Haacke and Roman Singendonk).

The TAMAM project is a project of the Friends of the Museum of Islamic Art e.V. and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).