360º film: The exhibition "Picasso and his Time" at the Museum Berggruen


From 21.12.2023

Join Gabriel Montua, head of the Museum Berggruen, on a 360º cinematic tour through the Museum Berggruen and use the opportunity to digitally experience the collection presentation even while the museum is closed for necessary renovations. Focusing on Pablo Picasso’s artistic development, which is uniquely represented in the Museum Berggruen collection, Gabriel Montua also elaborates on Heinz Berggruen as an art dealer and collector on this virtual tour.

Production: Friends of the Museum Berggruen Berlin e.V.
Curator and speaker: Dr Gabriel Montua, Head of Museum Berggruen
Producer: Ute K. Kiehn, Executive Director of the Förderkreis des Museum Berggruen Berlin e.V.
Realisation: Artvisit, Berlin, 2022-2023