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V. Archival collections

Volume: 266 film reels and audio recordings on tape
Period: starting 1929
Contents: Film clips and footage on the museums and collections

Volume: 3.5 m
Period: starting 1608
Contents: approx. 7200 letters from artists, scholars, collectors, and publishers mainly from the 19th and 20th century

Volume: 0.6 m
Period: 1835 onwards
Contents: Statutes, forms, official notices, invitations, events programmes, fact sheets and visitor information, staff indexes and organizational charts for the Königliche Museen zu Berlin, later Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Volume: 8700 photographs
Period: from 1876
Contents: Photographs of buildings, museums, and collections, staff and events, over 700 photos illustrating the construction of the Pergamonmuseum in the period 1910–1930

Volume: 2 m
Period: 19th to 20th century
Contents: Documents written by art historians, publishers, collectors, archaeologists, and artists who either did not work for the museums directly or whose work was not collected by the museums

Volume: 658 posters
Period: starting 1935
Contents: Exhibition posters

Volume: 2 m
Period: 1960–1988
Contents: collection of diverse material and correspondence collated by the working group Geschichte der proletarischen Kunst in Deutschland, specializing on proletarian art in Germany

Volume: 6.5 m
Period: 1939 onwards
Contents: Photographs, printed material, lists, copies of documents from archives

Volume: 4 m
Contents: Photographs, newspaper articles, official staff ID documentation, printed material

Volume: 2,5 m
Period: starting starting 1919
Contents: Photographs, newspaper cuttings, small-sized printed material and copies of documents from the archives relating to Nazi policies on art in Germany

Volume: 20 m
Period: (1920s) then from 1945
Contents: Newspaper clippings of articles relating to the buildings, the museums and collections, staff, and events

Volume: 125 linear metres (approx. 22,500 artists)
Period: from the end of the 19th century
Contents: Photographs, newspaper clippings, and printed material, mainly from German-speaking countries, by and about artists, artworks and art events

Volume: 0.3 m
Period: 1880–2002