The Zentralarchiv bids farewell to its Director, Dr. Jörn Grabowski


After many years as Director of the Zentralarchiv at the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Dr. Jörn Grabowski retired from his post at the end of September 2014, marking the close of a 41-year career with the Staatliche Museen.

That career began in November 1973, when Jörn Grabowski was employed as the storeroom manager of the (now Alte) Nationalgalerie on Museumsinsel. After completing a correspondence degree course in history with the Humboldt-Universität, he became a member of the museum research staff, first at the Otto-Nagel-Haus and then, in 1988, in the archive of the Nationalgalerie. Following German reunification and the consolidation of all the Berlin museum archives within the Zentralarchiv (hitherto in East Germany) Dr. Grabowski became a departmental manager there, and, in 1990, its Assistant Director. On 1st May 1992 he was appointed Director of the Zentralarchiv, a post he held until 30th September 2014. Under his leadership, the Zentralarchiv gained a reputation far beyond the Berlin museums as a valued research institution and service provider. In addition to its core function as an archive, it now performs many other tasks for the Staatliche Museen, including coordinating research into the provenance of the museums’ holdings. Since 2012, the Zentralarchiv has been housed in the Archäologisches Zentrum.

To mark Dr. Grabowski’s departure, the Zentralarchiv is publishing the fourth volume of its series, "Schriften zur Geschichte der Berliner Museen” (or Articles on the History of the Berlin Museums). The latest volume, entitled "Leitbilder einer Nation” (or A Nation and its Pictures) is a collection of twenty scholarly articles by Jörn Grabowski, which make up a richly diverse compendium on the history of the Nationalgalerie.