The Pergamonmuseum is completely closed due to construction work. Pergamonmuseum. Das Panorama remains open. Tickets


Virtual Tour: Pergamonmuseum after Refurbishment


The new entrance building, the James-Simon-Galerie, will permit visitors direct access to the Ancient Architectures Tour. There they will walk along the Processional Way from Babylon and pass the Ishtar Gate. Behind it, the Market Gate from Miletus will be the prelude to Greek and Roman antiquity. Visitors will never forget the moment they first see the overwhelming Pergamon Altar. The façade of the early Islamic desert palace of Mschatta, which is just as impressive, can be seen in the north wing. The magnificent final exhibit on the tour will be the ancient Egyptian temple gate of Kalabsha, the pyramid temple of Sahu-Rê, and  the large statues of gods from the rulers’ palace of Tell Halaf. They will be exhibited in the new fourth wing.