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The Tell Halaf Adventure | Tell Halaf Tomb 16


During an expedition in the Middle East in 1899, Max Freiherr von Oppenheim (1860-1946), heir to a banking family and diplomat from Cologne, unearthed the remains of a palace dating from the early 1st millennium BC, on the Tell Halaf mound in what is today north-east Syria.

Almost 60 years after the destruction of the collection, one of the largest restoration projects began: the restoration of the monumental stone images and relief slabs from 27,000 fragments. German and Syrian archaeologists have been working together at Tell Halaf since 2006. Among the discoveries in 2007/2008 was a small tomb from the 11th century BC, which took three weeks to examine and recover. The work, which was carried out very precisely, was documented in detail with the video camera, resulting in several hours of film material. The short film gives an impression of the painstaking but also exciting uncovering of the tomb.

The Tell Halaf Project - founded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

The Tell Halaf Adventure
From Cairo to Tell Halaf

“The Tell Halaf Adventure” — last day and auction on 14 August 2011
“The Tell Halaf Adventure” wins the “red dot” prize in the world’s largest design competition
„Fred am Tell Halaf“ – Hörspiel für Kinder zu der Sonderausstellung: Die geretteten Götter aus dem Palast vom Tell Halaf
10,000 visitors to the exhibition “The Tell Halaf Adventure”
Avoid the queues for the exhibition: Online-Tickets on sale for The Tell Halaf Adventure
Brilliant end to “The Tell Halaf Adventure” with an auction
Coveted Art Directors Club award goes to designs for Tell Halaf exhibition
In geheimer Mission – Der Fund von Tell Halaf: 9.1.2011, 19.30 Uhr Terra X im ZDF
Make a donation for Tell Halaf!
Official opening of “The Tell Halaf Adventure” exhibition
Star attraction “Tell Halaf”! 250 000 visitors recorded in just the first eleven weeks
Tell Halaf Adventur: major crowd-puller! 500,000th visitor greeted
Von Kairo zum Tell Halaf. Die Fotosammlung Max von Oppenheim

"Die Geretteten Götter aus dem Palast vom Tell Halaf" im Pergamonmuseum ist mit rund 780.000 Besuchen ein fulminanter Erfolg!
Archäologie: Neue Ausgrabungen auf dem Tell Halaf in Syrien
Museumsinsel Berlin, Pergamonmuseum Die geretteten Götter aus dem Palast vom Tell Halaf Ausstellung des Vorderasiatischen Museums
Pergamonmuseum „Die geretteten Götter aus dem Palast vom Tell Halaf“ Ohne Warten in die Ausstellung: Vorverkauf beginnt
Qualitätssiegel red dot: Renommierter Designpreis ging an die Ausstellung "Die geretteten Götter aus dem Palast vom Tell Halaf"
Restaurierung der Tell Halaf-Palasteingangsfassade
Vorderasiatisches Museum 500000ste Besucher in der Ausstellung Die geretteten Götter aus dem Palast vom Tell Halaf

Video Series: The Tell Halaf Adventure (Film)
The Tell Halaf Adventure | Interview with Eva Strommenger (Film)
The Tell Halaf Adventure | Interview with Klaus Hermann (Film)

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