The Majority of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin Museums Reopen to the Public on Friday, 21 May 2021


On Friday, 21 May 2021, the majority of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin venues are reopening to the public. The following buildings are accessible on the Museumsinsel Berlin (Museum Island): the Alte Nationalgalerie, Neues Museum, Pergamonmuseum and Bode-Museum as well as the James-Simon-Galerie, Pergamonmuseum. Das Panorama and Friedrichswerdersche Kirche (Friedrichswerder Church). At the Kulturforum: the Gemäldegalerie (Old Master Paintings), Kupferstichkabinett (Museum of Prints and Drawings), Kunstbibliothek (Art Library) and special exhibition halls are reopening to visitors. Hamburger Bahnhof, the Museum Berggruen, Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg, Museum für Fotografie and Museum Europäischer Kulturen (MEK) are reopening as well. Visits are only permitted with proof of a same-day, negative PCR or point-of-care (PoC) antigen test (corona rapid test) result, an FFP2 face mask and a time-slot ticket purchased online in advance:

I am pleased to announce the reopening of our museums in time for Pfingsten (the Whit Sunday/Monday holidays). In addition to the individual collection presentations, visitors to our museums can take advantage of a large variety of special exhibitions, many of which are opening their doors for the first time. For instance, the Gemäldegalerie is for the first time ever exploring the magnificent Late Gothic period, while Museum Berggruen is currently focused on Pablo Picasso and Ancient Egypt’s forgotten city Akhmim can be rediscovered at the James-Simon-Galerie. Other venues are expected to reopen shortly ‒ if the incidence rates allow.

 Michael Eissenhauer, Director-General, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Museums – Tickets – Opening Hours

All the reopened venues of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin will be open on Pfingsten (the Whit Sunday/Monday holidays). Please refer to the information on the web pages Opening Hours and Special Opening Hours on Holidays.

Museumsinsel Berlin

  • Alte Nationalgalerie: 10, reduced 5 €
  • Bode-Museum: 10, reduced 5 €
  • Neues Museum: 12, reduced 6 €
  • Pergamonmuseum (access via the James-Simon-Galerie): 12, reduced 6 €
  • Pergamonmuseum. Das Panorama: 12, reduced 6 €
  • James-Simon-Galerie (Akhmim special exhibition): 10, reduced 5 €
  • Tuesday ‒ Sunday, 10 am ‒ 6 pm


  • Gemäldegalerie: 10, reduced 5 €
  • Kupferstichkabinett: 6, reduced 3 €
  • Kunstbibliothek: 6, reduced 3 €
  • Special exhibition gallery (Claudia Skoda): 8, reduced 4 €
  • Tuesday ‒ Friday, 10 am ‒ 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 11 am ‒ 6 pm

Friedrichswerdersche Kirche

  • Free admission
  • Tuesday ‒ Sunday, 10 am ‒ 6 pm

Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin

  • 8, reduced 4 € (as of 30 May: 14, reduced 7 €)
  • Tuesday ‒ Friday, 10 am ‒ 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 11 am ‒ 6 pm

Museum Berggruen + Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg

  • 12, reduced 6 €
  • Tuesday ‒ Friday, 10 am ‒ 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 11 am ‒ 6 pm

Museum für Fotografie

  • 10, reduced 5 €
  • Tuesday and Wednesday, 11 am ‒ 7 pm, Thursday, 11 am ‒ 8 pm, Friday ‒ Sunday, 11 am ‒ 7 pm

Museum Europäischer Kulturen

  • 8, reduced 4 €
  • Tuesday ‒ Friday, 10 am ‒ 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 11 am ‒ 6 pm

Free admission for children and young adults under 18 at all Staatliche Museen zu Berlin venues.

Time-Slot Tickets

Museum visits require a time-slot ticket which can only be purchased online:

Only single tickets are sold. Sales of location tickets, the Berlin Welcome Card and the Museumscard are currently suspended.

Tickets may only be purchased up to three business days in advance.

Children and young adults under 18; persons accompanying people with severe disabilities; holders of annual tickets, press, ICOM or DMB cards; and members of groups that support the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin are requested to book a free time-slot online and to present corresponding ID upon admission without being asked.

Health and Safety Measures

All visitors must meet current testing requirements by presenting proof of a negative test result on admission. A point-of-care (PoC) antigen test (corona rapid test) certified on the same day or a negative test result using a PCR test (not older than 24 hours) to detect a coronavirus infection are permitted. Self-tests are not accepted as valid test results. 

After recovery from a COVID-19 infection, proof of a positive PCR test can be presented if the positive PCR test is at least 6 months old and the first vaccination dose has been administered or if the positive PCR test is between 28 days and 6 months old. This proof must be presented at the entrance, together with a photo ID. 

Individuals who have been immunised with a vaccine approved by the European Union may visit the museums starting on the 15th day after receiving their final vaccination without having to present a negative test result. Vaccinated visitors must show proof of immunisation (vaccination card together with photo ID) at the entrance. 

All visitors aged 6 and over are also required to wear an FFP2 face mask in all indoor museum spaces.

Limited Number of Visitors

A cap on the maximum number of visitors allowed in each exhibition or other spaces within the museums has been set to control admissions and to ensure that distancing regulations are met. Maximum capacity at the museums is currently greatly reduced. 


In order to protect visitors and to ensure rapid contact-tracing, the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin is obliged to document all visits to the museums. Contact details are recorded at the entrances.

To this end, a sign has been placed at every entrance featuring a QR code and brief, explanatory text. Visitors scan the code, which opens up a contact form on their smartphone. Their personal information is collected exclusively for the purposes of the health authorities’ contract-tracing efforts, and is automatically deleted after four weeks. 

There is an alternative system for visitors who do not carry a smartphone.

Shops & Cafés

The shops at the listed museums are open Tuesday ‒ Sunday, 12 ‒ 6 pm. 

Cafés and other catering services remain closed until further notice. 

Events and Reading Rooms

For the time being, no events are taking place at the museums. Tour bookings and group registrations cannot be accepted until further notice.

The reading and study rooms will be closed until further notice.

Additional Reopenings

The reopening of the Kunstgewerbemuseum at the Kulturforum, Schloss Köpenick (Palace), and the Altes Museum on the Museumsinsel Berlin are soon expected to be annouced.

Digital Highlights 

For an overview of all the online offers of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, see:

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