Kaiser Friedrich Museumsverein

The Kaiser Friedrich Museumsverein (KFMV) has provided ongoing support to both the Gemäldegalerie and Skulpturensammlung at the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin for more than 115 years. Wilhelm von Bode founded the KFMV in 1897 to serve the then newly opened Kaiser-Friedrich-Museum, which was renamed the Bode-Museum in 1956. Then as now, the KFMV principally supports the two collections, now held at separate locations, by making new acquisitions on their behalf.

An exclusive programme of guided tours, lectures, excursions, and art trips offers its members (currently numbering some 650) a stream of fresh insight into the two collections, their current projects, and the history of European art from the early Middle Ages to 1800.

In 2012, the KFMV was able to make several new accessions for both collections. The most notable of which was the 'Little Prince' (French Renaissance), purchased for the Skulpturensammlung. The friends group was also instrumental in assisting with the major exhibition project ‘Renaissance Faces’, held at the Bode-Museum in 2011.

Each year a children’s festival is held either at the Gemäldegalerie at Kulturforum or at the Bode-Museum. With it, the traditional friends group aims to instil in the next generation a love for the old masters.

Junge Kaiser

Members of the KFMV aged between 18 to 30 are dubbed the 'Junge Kaiser'. They continue the KFMV’s long history of successful patronage and have their own members’ programme. 

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