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Auke, Giorgio, Ignaz & Oskar

08.09.2009 to 28.02.2010


A special exhibition, organized by the Daimler Art Collection in cooperation with the Sculpture Collection and Museum for Byzantine Art draws into focus the concept of dialogue between works from different periods and styles and taken outside the exhibition gallery.

The Dutch sculptor Auke de Vries has chosen works from the different public collections, striking up a conversation, as originals or large-format photographs, with de Vries's sculptures, which are both abstract and richly allusive in their motifs. The corresponding works - by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Ignaz Günther and Oskar Schlemmer - come from the collections at the Picture Gallery - Old Master Paintings in Berlin, the Sculpture Collection and Museum for Byzantine Art, the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and the Daimler Art Collection. The dialogue staged in the Bode-Museum between de Vries and Ignaz Günther is continued in the Daimler Art Collection exhibition galleries on Potsdamer Platz. This collection was started in 1977 and is one of the oldest and most important German corporate collections. It focuses on the broad spectrum of Classical Modernism and the post-war avant-garde, concentrating on abstract tendencies, and then extends to commissioned work and international contemporary art.