App Launch: Perfect Match! Bode Museum


To make its collections accessible to the 21st century public in unusual formats, the Bode Museum is launching the new app Perfect Match! Bode Museum. The free app is available in English and German for Android and iOS in the app stores and can be used before, during and after a visit to the museum.

The objects that can be seen today as part of the Skulpturensammlung und des Museum für Byzantinische Kunst (Sculpture Collection and Museum of Byzantine Art) at the Bode-Museum were not originally intended for display in a museum. Each of them has an individual provenance and its own biography: object biographies that recount the history of Europe, of Berlin, or of long forgotten places – and for the most part remain concealed from museum visitors.

Dating with Museum Objects

The new app Perfect Match! Bode Museum is the result of new approaches in research and museum work. Its format playfully dispels reservations and inhibitions by personalizing the objects. The app is based on the familiar principle of dating apps. App users can decide whether to get to know an object by swiping to the left or right. They can thus decide which objects they like or dislike according to their personal preferences. If the object also finds the user interesting, a match is made and a chat begins. The museum object can also invite the user to get to know it personally in the exhibition space. The chat may intensify at the object – something that can prove emotional, funny, serious or simply informative.

Collaboration with the Caspar David Friedrich-Institute at the University of Greifswald

The app is the result of a joint seminar involving the Bode-Museum and the Caspar David Friedrich-Institute at the University of Greifswald. The app’s content, which is based on the current art-historical approaches of provenance research and object biography, was researched by art history students.

Perfect Match Bode Museum! is based on an application developed as part of the collaborative project “museum4punkt0 – Digital Strategies for the Museum of the Future" on behalf of the Humboldt Forum Foundation in the Berlin Palace. “museum4punkt0” is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. The project is funded by Museum & Location.