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Biocide project

Contamination of museum objects through biocides. Development of a strategy to analyse and minimise damage

In the past, museum collections were often treated with biocides, both as a preventive measure and to actively fight infestations with pests. Some of the ingredients in these substances are very persistent and can still be detected in objects and rooms years after their application.

The level of pesticides in the air, in dust and on objects in the museum continues to pose a health risk for employees, external contractors and anyone who comes into contact with objects on loan. It is not always possible today to determine exactly what pesticides were used on which objects or how high current contamination levels are.

In order to gain a complete overview of all contaminated objects and rooms, a strategy needs to be developed that can be widely deployed in large institutions to analyse the scale of contamination. This would facilitate the planning and implementation of comprehensive measures to mitigate the damage.

Project partner: Collections and archives of the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Duration: ongoing