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The Collector Dr. Max Ginsberg


Some Jewish Collectors were intensively involved in the establishment of the collection of the Museum für Islamische Kunst. The Berlin merchant and banker Dr. Max Ginsberg (1872-1938) was one of them. With this film the museum commemorates his character and what he has done for the institution itself. Especially the solo exhibition “Islamic Art from the collection Dr. Max Ginsberg” in 1933 and the loan of carved wooden board in 1923 won’t be forgotten.

This film also reminds of the many today unknown Jews in Berlin and Germany that back then were an unambiguous part of the society. They were cruel and brutally discriminated against by the National Socialists, sympathizers and profiteers, squeezed out of all aspects of life and finally even killed.

The Museum für Islamische Kunst with its educational efforts represents an open, tolerant and sophisticated society. We are committed to unity in diversity.