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The Myth of Colour
Classic Anatolian Kilims from a Private Collection

11.10.2008 to 11.01.2009


The Austrian private collection on display here contains exceptional kilims from the 18th and early 19th century from the various regions of Anatolia, which all share a seemingly modern choice of colours in what are otherwise typical, rich motifs.

With his exceptionally skilled eye for detail, the collector has managed to add an important art historical aspect to the aesthetic richness of the art of kilim-making, which had been rather neglected up until now. The exhibition thus helps to revive the study of carpets in Germany and give it a solid footing in the museum for the future. This year's Volkmann-Treffen der Teppichfreunde (a meeting of carpet enthusiasts) taking place on 11-12 October is thus also tied into the exhibition.