Robert Koldewey. The life of a Archaeologist
On the Occasion of the 150 th Anniversary of the Excavators of Babylon

01.09.2005 to 31.12.2005


To mark the 150th anniversary of Robert Koldewey's birth, the Museum of the Ancient Near East pays a tribute to the life and work of the most significant German archaeologist.

Born on 10 September 1855 in Blankenburg in the Harz, Robert Johann Koldewey attended the local high school. After studying architecture, archaeology and the history of art at different universities, he gained his first archaeological experiences with small excavations. His life's work was the excavation of Babylon, which he led on behalf of the Berlin Royal Museums and the German Orient Society from 1899 to 1917.

But it is not the scientific yield of his work which is the focus of this exhibition, but the fascinating and self-willed personality of Robert Koldewey. This is brought to the visitor's attention under themes such as adventure, isolation, the discovery of joy and, notably, daring courage.