Films & Videos of the Pergamonmuseum

Alone in the museum

Alone in the museum | Vorderasiatisches Museum with Barbara Helwing

An exclusive guided tour through the highlights of the Vorderasiatische Museum in the Pergamonmuseum with Barbara Helwing herself? No problem!

With subtitles.

Length: 16:35 minutes

Alone in the museum | Museum für Islamische Kunst with Stefan Weber

An exclusive guided tour through the highlights of the Museums für Islamische Kunst in the Pergamonmuseum with the director Stefan Weber himself? No problem!

With subtitles.

Length: 21:13 Minuten


From Fragment to Monument. The Ishtar Gate in Berlin | Trailer

The Vorderasiatisches Museum (Museum of the Ancient Near East) is devoting a scholarly and historical study exhibition at the Pergamonmuseum to one of the Museumsinsel Berlin’s most popular attractions: the Ishtar Gate. From its excavation in Babylon (Iraq) to the visionary reconstruction in Berlin, the special presentation focuses on the origins of the Ishtar Gate and places its excavation, acquisition and handling in the museum in its historical context.

Length: 10:42 minutes

Capturing Iran’s Past. Fotokunst – PhotoArt – هنر عکاسی | Trailer

The special exhibition in the book art gallery and the Mshatta Hall at the Pergamonmuseum includes four photo series and a mirror installation. It is a critical examination of the past that reflects on political and societal developments and situates them in the present.

Length: 1:26 Minutes
Music: Behrooz Moosavi
Video: Astrid Alexander

Aatifi - Calligraphy: Exhibition in the Pergamonmuseum

Mysterious shapes and lines - this was how Aatifi first perceived letters as a child. Since then, the artist has worked closely with Islamic calligraphy, engaging with the form and essence of Arabic characters. Aatifi learned the most important styles of the classical art of calligraphy in the city of his birth, Kandahar, Afghanistan. Even as a student of the art of calligraphy, he began to modify the characters. Over the years, he has refined and reduced elements of Islamic calligraphy, developing a unique visual language that is both independent of text and universally understandable.

With the solo exhibition 'News from Afghanistan', the Pergamonmuseum presented vibrant contemporary art that draws from the rich culture of the Islamic world.

Length: 8:13 minutes

Pergamon Poems: in cooperation with the Schaubühne Berlin

Regie: Felix von Boehm & Constantin Lieb
Camera: Till Vielrose
Sound: Johannes Hampel
Make-up: Hanna Riehm
Music: Therese Strasser


Pergamon Poems I: Asteria & Phoibe | Judith Engel, Gerhard Falkner

Length: 1:53 minutes


Pergamon Poems II: Aphrodite | Eva Meckbach, Gerhard Falkner, Pergamon Altar

Length: 1:48 minutes

Pergamon Poems III: Artemis | Tilman Strauss, Gerhard Falkner, Pergamon Altar

Length: 2:05 minutes

Pergamon Poems IV: Apollon | Sebastian Schwarz, Gerhard Falkner, Pergamon Altar

Länge: 1:48 Minuten

Pergamon Poems V: Kybele | Jenny König, Gerhard Falkner, Pergamon Altar

Length: 1:32 minutes

3D Model of the Pergamon Altar

Elaborate 3D scan of this over-2,000-year-old masterpiece

More Information:
Direct link to the 3D application:
Length: 4:12 Minuten

Portrait of the Pergamonmuseum

Length: 3:19 minutes
Producer: bboxx Filme