Neue Nationalgalerie: Happening to show solidarity with the protesters in Iran on 30 October 2022

Neue Nationalgalerie

On Sunday, Oct 30th a happening to show solidarity with the protesters in Iran took place in front of the entrance of the Neue Nationalgalerie.

Artists of Iranaiean descent based in berlin showed their support for and their solidarity with the women in Iran fighting for their freedom with song, spoken word, poetry, dance and performances. Organized by the actress Pegah Ferydoni and the singer, who introduced 10 Iraniean artists amongst them Jasmin Shakeri, Madanii, Anahita Sadighi, Roxana Samadi, Pegah Edalatian, Leyla Piedayesh, Asal Dardan, Mojgan Hashemian, Behzad Karim Khani, and members of  „Woman Life Freedom Collective“.

We spent two hours underbeath beautiful afternoon sun inbetween poetry, body performance, music, and spoken word, right to the heart. We stand with and support Iranian women in their fight for freedom in full solidarity.

Pegah Ferydoni and said after the event.

In midst of multilayered crisis the question gets more and more obvious, what is the role of a museum today? Last weekend we offered the museum as an open mic and place to share words and images for the women protesting in Iran. We thank all participants for their moving and personal, poetic and political contributions, in dance, poetry, speeches and song.

Klaus Biesenbach, director of the Neue Nationalgalerie.

The event was supported by Reference Studios.