Michael Eissenhauer and Udo Kittelmann react to pivotal funding announcement for the Museum der Moderne

Neue Nationalgalerie

The German Bundestag Budget Committee today announced that some 200 million euros would be made available for the construction of a modern art museum at Kulturforum. In response to the landmark announcement, Michael Eissenhauer, Director General of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, stated

'After months of uncertainty, our sense of joy at hearing this wonderful news is enormous. The go-ahead for the new building provides both the Nationalgalerie and the private collectors who lend us their consistent support a solid base for future planning - something which we have hoped for, for many years. The decision is a huge gift to the museums, allowing us in future to present the art of the 20th century in all its diversity at the Kulturforum. Most of all, however, the decision is a gift to our visitors. Without the perseverance of our Culture Minister, the motion would never have gained approval.’

Udo Kittelmann, director of the Nationalgalerie, also highlighted the commitment of the German Minister of Culture:

'We are primarily indebted to Monika Grütters for her tireless efforts in securing the funding. She has paved the way for a viable prospect for the future of Berlin’s museum landscape.’