Films & Videos of the Neue Nationalgalerie


‟Variations on Simone Forti” – a performance night at the Neue Nationalgalerie on 16 September a  part of Berlin Art Week 2022.

Simone Forti (born 1935 in Florence) is an American artist and choreographer. Her work is regarded as the precursor of the Judson Dance Theatre of the early 1960s – a group of artists who experiment with dance, including Robert Morris and Yvonne Rainer.

Trailer: Variations on Simone Forti - eine Performance-Nacht

Produktion: Yanina Isla

"Miles Greenberg, Chandelier IV (Fallen Chandelier), 2022"

Production: Yanina Isla

"Maria F. Scaroni & Eddy Levin , Every cell in the body knows where down is"

Production: Yanina Isla

"Simone Forti: Huddle"

Production: Yanina Isla

DJ personaljjesus

Production: Yanina Isla

Billy Bultheel

Production: Yanina Isla

Form versus Function. Mies and the Museum

Neue Nationalgalerie On 27 and 28 November 2014, the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin organized a scholarly colloquium that addressed the historical renovation planned for the Neue Nationalgalerie by David Chipperfield Architects and the importance of Mies van der Rohe's building in the history of architecture: 'Form versus Function: Mies and the Museum.' Colloquium on the major renovations of the Neue Nationalgalerie


Form vs Function | Martin Reichert

Length: 25:30 minutes
Production: bboxxFILME

Form versus Function | Joachim Jäger

Length: 36:04 minutes
Production: bboxxFILME

Form versus Function | Dirk Lohan

Length: 53:35 minutes
Production: bboxxFILME

Form versus Function | Mission Statement | David Chipperfield

Length: 20:42 minutes
Production: bboxxFILME

Behind the Scenes

Handing over the key to the Neue Nationalgalerie

Length: 47:31 minutes

Speech by David Chipperfield

Length: 7:46 minutes

Restoration | Ludwig Meidner | Apokalyptische Landschaft

Length: 5:48 minutes