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We Need to Talk to Each Other!

Museum für Islamische Kunst

We need to talk to each other and listen to what is being said! We mourn for the many lives lost in Israel and Gaza, and mourn with the victims’ families and friends. We regret that extremism and violence are stifling peaceful solutions. Throughout the history of the conflict, radical positions have constantly reinforced one another and led to spirals of violence and radicalisation. Although it appears almost impossible at the current time, we must think about a mutual future, work towards it, and stand up for it – for the benefit of all sides.

We regret the polarisation occurring within our societies. Here in Germany, too, people are being required to take a position, with little room for dissent. The erosion of a culture of open debate strengthens extremist positions and harms us in the long term. Collective finger-pointing, anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim agitation, marginalisation and systematic segregation are destroying the foundations of our coexistence.

If we do not listen, do not try to understand people, and exclude the societal middle ground, only the margins offer forums for voicing criticism and emotions. We need open dialogue! Our museum stands for encounters at eye level, based on mutual respect.