The Ägyptisches Museum and DUAT Records Support United We Stream: Concert and DJ Session at the Neues Museum on 26 July 2020

Neues Museum

The international live-streaming initiative United We Stream, launched by various members of the cultural community, has set itself the goal of providing long-term support for the club and concert scene so hard hit by the coronavirus crisis. It organises regular broadcasts of music and DJ performances in unusual formats. To support this effort, the Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung (Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection), Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the Berlin label DUAT Records have invited musicians and DJs Amin Fallaha, Minco, Lisa Morgenstern, Acid Pauli, Lyra von Rose and VALENTIN to perform at the Neues Museum. The livestream is available free of charge on 26 July 2020 from 2 to 7 pm.

“The collaboration with United We Stream and the young aspiring musicians is a particularly special experience”, according to Friederike Seyfried, director of the Ägyptisches Museum and Papyrussammlung. “We hope for a productive continuation of this mutual undertaking, which places ancient Egyptian culture in a new, surprising and fascinating light at the Neues Museum.

Ruede Hagelstein, co-founder of DUAT Records, adds: “Our label was largely inspired by ancient Egyptian culture. It is therefore a special honour for us to meld the art treasures of the Ägyptisches Museum with exciting musical acts.”

A Symbiosis of Concert and Museum Visit

Founded in Berlin in 2017, the DUAT Records label, whose name refers to the ancient Egyptian underworld, connects contemporary electronic music with a long past culture, from which no musical traditions have survived. The label has been in contact with the museum for some time now out of an interest for a precise-as-possible rendition of history and use of terminology.

The streaming project now offers the opportunity to expand on this approach. The focus of the collaboration is not only on the musical performances in selected spaces at the Neues Museum; between the individual performances, special objects from the collection will be highlighted on a virtual tour. In this way a wonderful symbiosis of concert and museum is created and can be enjoyed at any time and place around the world.

The Livestream from the Neues Museum on 26 July 2020

The stream from the Neues Museum can be viewed on Sunday, 26 July, from 2 to 7 pm on Arte Concerts and will be disseminated by the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, DUAT Records, United We Stream, Arte and all of the performers on their websites and social media platforms. On the Facebook page of the Neues Museum, for instance, viewers can comment live and engage in direct dialogue. The stream will also remain available on after the event is over.

The Streaming Event’s Musical Acts

The streaming event opens with a 30-minute open-air performance by German-Bulgarian pianist, singer and composer Lisa Morgenstern at the Museuminsel Berlin’s Kolonnadenhof. The daughter of two orchestra musicians recently released her latest album Chameleon, which draws on dark romanticism and atmospheric orchestration.

Lyra von Rose presents her concert in the evocative setting between the statues of the rulers in the Pharaoh room. The singer and pianist, who was born in South Korea, lived for a long period in Canada, and moved to Berlin 2019, prefers to use classical instrumentation in her intimate songs.

Amin Fallaha is a DJ from Berlin and co-founder of DUAT Records. The son of an Egyptian mother and a Syrian father has been interested in ancient Egyptian mythology since childhood. His DJ set, which alternates stylistically between techno and folkloristic musical elements, will be performed in the Neues Museum’s Ägyptischer Hof (Egyptian Courtyard) amidst ancient Egyptian stone sarcophagi, framed by historical papyri from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

In the Neues Museum’s central space, its famous staircase hall, Berlin-based musician Minco plays one of her eclectic sets, which are influenced by the legacy of her African roots, among other impulses. The trained dancer, whose artistic expression emphasises movement, has toured Europe, Africa, North America and the Middle East with her celebrated performances.

Born into a family of musicians in Heidelberg in 1990, Hannah Valentin discovered her interest in music at the early age of three. Since 2017 the Berlin-based musician, entrepreneur and painter has dedicated herself to electronic music as VALENTIN. Recently, she revealed publicly that she has multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease she was diagnosed with at the age of fifteen. She would like to contribute to educating the public and being a role model for young people with MS. Like Minco, she will perform in the large staircase of the Neues Museum.

Originally from Bavaria, Martin Gretchmann began playing bass in various independent bands in the early 1990s, while simultaneously discovering his interest in the evolution of electronic music, a field he has been exploring as Acid Paul for twenty years. He presents his live set between the rulers’ statues displayed in the Pharaoh room.

United We Stream

During the worldwide closure of clubs and concert halls in the context of the coronavirus, the United We Stream initiative has been organising gigs and DJ sets at special locations that can be accessed internationally via streaming. For the Berlin scene the DUAT Records team pay particular attention to bringing classic culture and subculture together, emphasising the special networking of Berlin cultural institutions and, especially in the current situation, sending out a clear signal of solidarity and cohesion. In addition to the Neues Museum, other venues in the city for United We Stream include the Botanischer Garten (Botanical Garden) Berlin, the former Tempelhof airport and Monopol Berlin.