Premiere – on 28 February 2019 – of the Second Episode of Hinter den Dingen: A History of Knowledge Podcast Set in the Ägyptisches Museum

Neues Museum

The new episode of the podcast Hinter den Dingen (Behind Things) takes you along on a search for a mysterious, lost pyramid fragment from the Ägyptisches Museum in Berlin. Where did the object decorated with hieroglyphics come from? What’s written on it? And under what circumstances could it disappear from the collection at the end of the 19th century?

The podcast accompanies Berlin Egyptologist Stephan Hartlepp during his detective work. In passing it provides lively insights into the cult of the dead in ancient Egypt and also undertakes an exciting reconstruction of the ancient Egyptian language.

As part of the premiere we invite you to listen to the history of the lost pyramid fragment in the very location where the podcast makes reference to its architectural conditions. Stroll through the exhibition with our podcast in your ears, delve into the world of ancient Egypt and enjoy the ambiance of the museum at night.

„Das verschwundene Pyramidenfragment“ (The Lost Pyramid Fragment, in German) is the second episode of the history of knowledge podcast Hinter den Dingen. 5000 Jahre Wissensgeschichte zum Mitnehmen und Nachhören, which is produced by the German Research Foundation (DFG)’s Collaborative Research Center 980 (SFB) „Episteme in Bewegung“.

The series alternates between feature, scholarly interpretation or portrait and radio play. In a playful and entertaining way, it makes museum objects the starting point for acoustic journeys into the history of knowledge in premodern times. None of the stories are told the same as the others. Each episode takes a different approach to the narrative threads, adapting its narrative style both to the object in question and the subject-specific access points of the experts, whose research is made known to us in the podcast.

Headphones will be distributed at the premiere.

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When and where

Thursday, 28 Februar 2019, 6–7 pm, free admission

Neues Museum, Bodestraße, 10178 Berlin