Films & Videos of the Museumsinsel

Der rbb macht Museum: Alte Nationalgalerie

Alte Nationalgalerie | Der rbb macht's

A tour through the Alte Nationalgalerie (in German only)

Length: 28:34 Minutes
Production: RBB
Picture: imago images / Rolf Zöllner

Der rbb macht Museum: Altes Museum

Altes Museum | Der rbb macht's

A tour through the Altes Musuem (in German only)

Length: 20:03 Minuten
Producer: RBB

Lieblingsstücke (Favourite Pieces): Bode Museum

Lieblingsstücke (Favourite Pieces) | Pilgerampulle mit der Darstellung der Heiligen Thekla

With subtitles.

Length: 2:57 minutes
Production: Retina Fabrik

A Little Cultural History of Ancient Egypt: Neues Museum

A Little Cultural History of Ancient Egypt: Life Source

The first installment, ‘Life Source’, is all about the Nile, which was not just the lifeline of Ancient Egypt, but was also worshipped as a deity. 

With Subtitles.

Length: 5:12 minutes

Alone in the museum: Pergamonmuseum

Alone in the museum | Vorderasiatisches Museum with Barbara Helwing

An exclusive guided tour through the highlights of the Vorderasiatische Museum in the Pergamonmuseum with Barbara Helwing herself? No problem!

With subtitles.

Length: 16:35 minutes

James Simon: James-Simon-Galerie

James Simon: A Philanthropist and Promoter of Progress

Length: 3:17 minutes
Production: art/beats on behalf of the James-Simon-Gesellschaft

Alone in the museum: Pergamonmuseum. Das Panorama

Alone in the museum | Pergamonmuseum. Das Panorama with Martin Maischberger

An exclusive guided tour through the highlights of the Pergamonmuseum. Das Panorama with Martin Maischberger himself? No problem!

With subtitles.

Length: 16:57 minutes
Postproduction: Retina Fabrik

360°- Video of the Museumsinsel

Virtual tour of the Museumsinsel and the construction site of the James-Simon-Galerie

German only

Length: 3:45 Minutes
Producer: ZDF

Portrait of the Museumsinsel Berlin

Portrait of the Museumsinsel

Length: 3:45 Minuten
Producer: bboxx Filme