We are so pleased to be able to begin preparations to reopen the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin in accordance with the safety regulations instituted by the state of Berlin. For the moment, we are still closed. But we will provide more information here soon.

Films & Videos of the Museumsinsel

Der rbb macht Museum: Alte Nationalgalerie

Alte Nationalgalerie | Der rbb macht's

A tour through the Alte Nationalgalerie (in German only)

Length: 28:34 Minutes
Production: RBB
Picture: imago images / Rolf Zöllner

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Der rbb macht Museum: Altes Museum

Altes Museum | Der rbb macht's

A tour through the Altes Musuem (in German only)

Length: 20:03 Minuten
Producer: RBB

Lieblingsstücke (Favourite Pieces): Bode Museum

Lieblingsstücke (Favourite Pieces) | Pilgerampulle mit der Darstellung der Heiligen Thekla

With subtitles.

Length: 2:57 minutes
Production: Retina Fabrik

A Little Cultural History of Ancient Egypt: Neues Museum

A Little Cultural History of Ancient Egypt: Life Source

The first installment, ‘Life Source’, is all about the Nile, which was not just the lifeline of Ancient Egypt, but was also worshipped as a deity. 

With Subtitles.

Length: 5:12 minutes

Alone in the museum: Pergamonmuseum

Alone in the museum | Vorderasiatisches Museum with Barbara Helwing

An exclusive guided tour through the highlights of the Vorderasiatische Museum in the Pergamonmuseum with Barbara Helwing herself? No problem!

With subtitles.

Length: 16:35 minutes

James Simon: James-Simon-Galerie

James Simon: A Philanthropist and Promoter of Progress

Length: 3:17 minutes
Production: art/beats on behalf of the James-Simon-Gesellschaft

Alone in the museum: Pergamonmuseum. Das Panorama

Alone in the museum | Pergamonmuseum. Das Panorama with Martin Maischberger

An exclusive guided tour through the highlights of the Pergamonmuseum. Das Panorama with Martin Maischberger himself? No problem!

With subtitles.

Length: 16:57 minutes
Postproduction: Retina Fabrik

360°- Video of the Museumsinsel

Virtual tour of the Museumsinsel and the construction site of the James-Simon-Galerie

German only

Length: 3:45 Minutes
Producer: ZDF

Portrait of the Museumsinsel Berlin

Portrait of the Museumsinsel

Length: 3:45 Minuten
Producer: bboxx Filme