Heinz Mack. Transit between Occident and Orient
Fascination with and Inspiration from Islamic Culture in the Artist's Work. A Facet of his Work from 1950-2006

07.10.2006 to 21.01.2007


Heinz Mack is the most important living artist to deal with the landscape and artistic tradition of the Orient. As early as 1960, he made a striking impact with his light sculptures and reflecting surfaces in the Sahara. His extremely abstract sculptures in stone, metal, glass and, more recently, ceramic as well as his paintings direct one's attention towards basic feelings in their essence. With their colour values and calligraphy-like sweeps, rythms and intervals, Mack's works resemble Islamic art, but have nevertheless arrived at their solution in their own way. An extensive selection from more than 45 creative years are being exhibited in the north wing of the Pergamon Museum as well as in the rooms of the Museum for Islamic Art.

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