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Gold and Jewels in the times of the moguls. The Sheik Nasser Sabah Collection from Kuwait

29.01.2005 to 11.04.2005

The Sheik Nasser Sabah Collection of jewellery dating from the time of the Moguls comprises a fund of jewellery of the period richer than that held by any museum in the world.

The pieces of jewellery and individual jewels - mainly from the imperial treasure house of the classical period in the early 17th century - were collected with the utmost care and knowledge, and show the outstanding mastery of the artists from many different countries who gathered at the Mogul court. The fineness of the mountings, the quality of the precious stones and the workmanship excite high awareness of the most exquisite artistry and technique, expressing to full effect the magic of the precious materials.

The exhibition displays 290 objects of different materials and workings.

The exhibition is complemented by a selection of Mogul miniatures, illustrating the use of jewels at court, from the rich collections of the Museum für Islamische Kunst (Museum for Islamic Art).