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Interactive Heritage Map of Syria

The Interactive Heritage Map of Syria Project seeks to document intangible aspects of heritage by shedding light on the people who create their heritage. It aims to present cultural expressions, orally-transmitted traditional knowledge and personal memories from Syria with a holistic approach that links material and immaterial heritage perspectives.

The project is responsible for developing an interactive platform that presents the work of the Syrian Heritage Initiatives at the museum and invites participants to take part in the collection and preservation work of Syrian heritage through different outreach activities. The platform allows visitors to learn more about Syrian heritage, share their own opinion, in addition to accessing an extract of the extensive database of the Syrian Heritage Archive in the gallery and geographical data on the interactive map page.

Currently, the team of the Interactive Heritage of Syria project is focusing on handcrafts such as the craft of ‘Ajami (painted polychrome wooden panels), traditional Syrian textiles and Syrian music by using participatory methods. In parallel, the project is working with community archivists on several oral history projects presenting diverse narratives of cultural expressions and traditions of its people.

In order to create a meaningful discussion on cultural heritage, the Interactive Heritage Map of Syria uses different outreach methods, including thematic workshops concerning cultural memory and creative expression, and through a powerful presence in the virtual space with online campaigns and activities on Facebook.

With the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation it thus becomes possible to translate the results of archival work into a participatory map. People from Syria can embed their knowledge and their experiential repertoires in the cultural heritage map.

Project Website: 
Contact: map[at]
Responsible body: Museum für Islamische Kunst - Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Sponsor: The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
In operation: since July 2018