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Shared Past – Shared Future

Since October 2017, the Museum für Islamische Kunst has been conducting the pilot project ‘Shared Past – Shared Future’ (Gemeinsame Vergangenheit – gemeinsame Zukunft) within the framework of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth’s programme ‘Live Democracy! Active against Right-Wing Extremism, Violence and Hate’. ‘Shared Past – Shared Future’ will run through the end of 2019.

The project is built on the principle that cultures have not developed or changed independently of one another, but rather that the past has been shaped by a cultural exchange that connects all members of our society. To support this premise, the museum taps into its collection of artefacts and the knowledge at its disposal. As well, the project examines what a common future might look like against this backdrop, what it signifies, and what it represents.

But ‘Shared Past – Shared Future’ is not just about dismantling one-sided viewpoints of culture and history: it also endeavours to support young people in the often difficult process of finding their identities and developing their personalities, while helping them cultivate open-minded attitudes in a multifaceted and often contradictory world. This includes dealing with the conflict between the public and private self as well developing an understanding of cultural-historical contexts.

In order to reach the target groups, the project team is currently looking for partners: multipliers from beyond the school system who are involved, either full-time or on a voluntary basis, in athletic or cultural associations, youth centres, or other similar institutions.

Regular evaluations will be carried out within the framework of the project; additionally, high-profile events and interventions are also planned that will aim to draw the attention of the broader public to the project and its themes.

With ‘Shared Past – Shared Future’, the museum once again underlines its important role as an agent for social change.

Project manager: Nushin Atmaca
Staff: Hilal Sezgin
Funding: Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Sponsor: Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth ( Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend, BMFSFJ) within the framework of the federal programme ‘Live Democracy!’
Duration: October 2017 to December 2019