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Knowledge Transfer

Approaches to raising awareness in the museum context of transfer processes that occurred between the Middle East and Europe in the pre-modern era

Concepts are developed in partnership with the Freie Universität Berlin to lay bare and communicate, within the museum context, processes of knowledge transfer. The project aims to counteract the narrowing of the concept of ‘Islamic’ art, which has, over time, evolved within the museum and academic context to apply to a cultural region, by highlighting the close ties to other cultural contexts. As a result, the project aims to communicate the complex history of transcultural relations to a wider audience.

Sub-project of SFB 980 'Episteme in Motion', Freie Universität Berlin

Project management: Dr. Vera Beyer, Freie Universität Berlin
Research associate and coordinator: Isabelle Dolezalek, Museum für Islamische Kunst
Research associate: Sophia Vassilopoulou, Museum für Islamische Kunst
Museologist: Cornelia Weber
Exhibition design and programming: Marlene Kettner, museeon, MindTags
Funding: DFG German Research Foundation, Freie Universität Berlin
Duration: November 2012 to July 2016