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Cultural Tales from the Museum für Islamische Kunst

(Inter)cultural education is an important part of the process of developing social competencies and fostering integration. It enables children and young people to knowingly encounter other cultures, to break down personal reservations and makes a lasting contribution to fostering appreciation and understanding between cultures. The pilot project 'Cultural Tales from the Museum für Islamische Kunst' is aimed at children ages ten and eleven.

Based on a national survey with intensive practical fieldwork (interviews, questionnaires, workshops) and the close cooperation of teachers and educational institutions, a range of new educational formats have been developed for use in the museum: The 'cultural tales' constitute five journeys which take pupils back through time to visit various countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Persia, or the regions of the Silk Road. Each highlights the centuries-old tradition of exchange between cultures and religions, illustrated through objects from the museum’s own collection.

Project management: Güven Günaltay
Project team: Dr. Andrea Becker, research associate, Dr. Stefan Weber, Director, Museum für Islamische Kunst
Project website:
Funding: The Commission for Culture and the Media (Germany), Freunde des Museums für Islamische Kunst im Pergamonmuseum, Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul
Duration: 2012, extension in 2013 to 2014 (focussed on extracurricular training)