The museums, exhibitions and institutions of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin are open to the public. Visits to any of these venues require a time-slot ticket. You can purchase these online or at the ticket counters in the museums. Read more

MUSEUM – The Staatliche Museen’s second programme booklet is here!


The programme booklet for the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin contains information about current exhibitions and events. In addition to a detailed calendar with listings of guided tours, workshops, lectures, and concerts, the booklet gives you a glimpse into the work of museum staff. It is published quarterly in cooperation with DerTagesspiegel.

The programme booklet for the third quarter (July, August, September) can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF (2.6 KB) at (both German only) and contains the following topics:

Title Story

A Mangaaka’s Journey: African masterpieces meet European sculptures at the Bode-Museum.


What exactly does Sabine Thümmler, Director of the Kunstgewerbemuseum do?

Exhibitions and Events

Museum Shop 

Through Space and Time: Products from Babylon to Ancient China.

Children and Family

With autumn, come exciting encounters.