Post-conflict Documentation of a Historic Neighborhood: Suwayqat Ali Area – Old City of Aleppo

Eds. Dima Dayoub, Ruba Kasmo, Anne Mollenhauer
Authors: Annalinda Neglia, Ruba Kasmo, Thierry Grandin

Aleppo is one of the oldest, continuously inhabited cities in the world. Dominated by its large citadel hill, the old city still bears the remains of the Hellenistic street grid and historic monuments from various periods. The area of the study in the Suwayqat Ali district is located to the north of the vast suq (market area). It is a mixed quarter containing public buildings – religious and commercial – as well as residential structures, swathes of which were severely affected by the armed conflict. The criteria for selecting this section of the city as a pilot area include its functional diversity, historic importance and the serious damage it has sustained. The documentation in this publication is presented in English and Arabic.