Painting in Beiping and Beijing

10.03.2009 to 05.07.2009

The exhibition proudly presents 16 pictures by 20th century artists who worked in Beijing.

For several centuries Beijing was the capital of Imperial China which found itself confronted by turbulent times in the 20th century. At the beginning of the last century, the city was deemed the centre of conservative traditions. Young artists were subsequently encouraged, however, to break into new territory and free themselves from rigid traditions. A strong counter-movement arose, demanding cultural regeneration.

With the formation of the People's Republic of China, cultural policy began having a decisive impact on art. However, this never lead to a complete renunciation of classic Chinese painting and in the present day Beijing has reclaimed its reputation as a cultural capital. Despite the various new currents in the art scene, a form of Chinese painting strongly rooted in classical traditions is today as vibrant and diverse as seldom before.