Ceramic Cosmos Japan
The Crueger Collection

05.11.2010 to 03.04.2011

Japan's ceramic-making tradition ranks as one of the oldest and most multifaceted in the world. Over the course of the last three decades, Anneliese and Wulf Crueger have journeyed to every hidden corner of this island nation and gathered together representative works from the very places they were created which together attest to the ceramic art of the present day in all its hugely diverse forms. There is an encyclopaedic, positively Humboldtian flair to their collection, containing more than 400 objects.

The result is that not only are utensils for the tea ceremony or ceramic artworks by internationally respected, contemporary studio ceramicists to be found, but also examples of work by regional workshops and designs for consumer ceramic goods, produced in great numbers.
Marking the presentation of the bulk of the ceramics in the Crueger Collection as a gift to the museum and the publication of a catalogue of the collection, a selection of around one hundred exhibits are to go on view to the public. Spread over three galleries, the works illustrate the art of the various studio ceramicists, tea utensils and regional traditions and thus offer visitors a fascinating insight into the world of Japanese ceramics.