Germans in Hungary - Hungarians in Germany
European Life Journeys

27.10.2006 to 07.01.2007

Museum Europäischer Kulturen
Museum Europäischer Kulturen

International travelling exhibition on the occasion of the culture year "Hungarian Accent" 2006/07

What is it like to live between two countries, cultures and languages? A question with many different answers - as illustrated in this exhibition, developed jointly by Hungarian and German institutions and presented throughout in both languages.

The life journeys of twenty-two people - some better, some less known; some from Medieval times, some from the present - exemplify that to travel between two spheres entails both pleasure and pain. Their stories also demonstrate that our way of thinking within national state borders is, from a historical perspective, a relatively recent phenomenon, and by no means self-evident. The life stories fit like mosaic pieces into the history of German-Hungarian relations, as pointed up in a time line: contacts which began with battles (such as the battle on the Lech field in 955) and reach into the present; multi-faceted contacts which, after the political changes in 1989, led to intensive political, economic and cultural connections.