Fabric Intarsias. In Europe from 1500 to the Present Day

19.03.2009 to 02.08.2009

Museum Europäischer Kulturen
Museum Europäischer Kulturen

Marking the tenth anniversary of the Museum of European Cultures, a special exhibition with an array of magnificent textile pictures will be on display in the Dahlem Museums. The range of motifs and topics depicted on the drapes and blankets forms a baroque profusion of images, which portray scenes from European history and contemporary images from around the world.

Concurrent to the exhibition and in conjunction with the Museum of European Cultures, the textile artist Ursel Arndt has launched an art project entitled 'Stückwerk Berlin - Stückwerk Europa' or 'Patchwork Berlin - Patchwork Europe'. The project will lead to the creation of a wall hanging made up of contemporary motifs, which will serve as a complement to the historical works in the exhibition. This innovative display has been made possible through the support of generous donors from Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and Sweden as well from Australia and the USA.