20.02.2009 to 05.07.2009

Museum Europäischer Kulturen
Museum Europäischer Kulturen

Two separate travelling exhibitions from South-East Europe will join together for a few months only in Berlin. Entitled "Encounters", historical photographs from Véménd in southern Hungary will be paired with contemporary pictures from the tri-border region between Hungary, Croatia and Serbia.

The first show, entitled "Multi-ethnic Dimensions" which was originally held by the Janus-Pannonius-Museum in the Hungarian city of Pécs, demonstrates the importance of regional and ethnic relations. During the First World War, Béla Hernai, a teacher, photographed the inhabitants of his town, which included Serbs and Hungarians, Roma and Jews. Since they were often portrayed holding some telling object in their hands, the campaign, "Bring a Thing" encourages visitors to have themselves photographed in the exhibition with an object which they regard as being important to their lives. Questions of mutual cultural influences are also the subject of the second exhibition, "You Are Now Leaving the Map!". Contemporary photographs and interviews offer brief insights into the lives of 25 individuals from a minority group of German origin who still currently reside in the tri-border region.