Discover Europe!

17.04.2008 to 05.07.2009

Museum Europäischer Kulturen
Museum Europäischer Kulturen

One of the oldest German travel guides, shadow play puppets from Piraeus, pearl tomb decorations from the Bretagne, a Willkomm from Mecklenburg, a brooch from Setomaa, a Transylvanian church fur ... everyone is talking about Europe but what do we really know about the continent?

Taking 13 everyday objects as starting points, the Museum Europäischer Kulturen (Museum of European Cultures) introduces regions, ehtnologies, and phenomena which offer insights of the cultural richness of Europe, thereby illustrating both diversity and common characteristics. Every exhibit is embedded in various contexts, presented together with films, photographs and other objects from the rich collection of the museum. The exhibition focuses on certain fields of European ethnology, such as travel, identity, remembrance culture, culture contact, craft, tradition, and religion. These are the subjects which the Museum Europäischer Kulturen will address once more after the refurbishment of its building in 2010. 'Discover Europe!' offers a first glimpse of what is to come.