Beads and Textile Exchange

The Beads and Textile Exchange is a new event format, launched by the Museum Europäischer Kulturen in 2016, together with French artist and author Natacha Wolters and the members of Bead People Berlin. Each year on the second Saturday of October, creations made of fabrics and beads by the Bead People and selected artists will be sold at the market.

The techniques and types of works on offer are hugely diverse, from jewellery and accessories to papier-mâché, felt, bobbin and point lace, quilting, embroidery, upcycling, creative knitting and crochet, mixed media and much more.

The materials needed for such crafts, for example unusual fabrics and beads of every imaginable kind, will also be on sale at the market.

Next Beads and Textile Exchange: 13 and 14 October 2018.