Registration Open: International Conference “Intangible! Living Heritage and Museums” on 6 and 7 June 2024

Institut für Museumsforschung

The Institut für Museumsforschung and the Museum Europäischer Kulturen are calling for participation for an international conference on 6 and 7 June 2024 at Forschungscampus Dahlem. Anyone interested can register for the conference now.

From bee-keeping to hip-hop to midwifery, cultural heritage is diverse and supported by many different communities of practice. Depending on their thematic focus, museums are also closely linked to so-called living heritage; for them, both tangible and intangible heritage form the basis of their work. At the same time, the immaterial dimension has been largely absent from the theoretical reflection of museum work.

The conference "In-Tangible! Living Heritage and Museums" aims to shed light on the multifaceted dimensions of the immaterial and its reflection in museum practice. It will take place on 6 and 7 June at Dahlem Research Campus. On the first day, two panels will explore the complex relationships between the actors, practices and sites of the immaterial and the collections, objects and processes of museums. The second day will be devoted to networking and dialogue between ICH and museum practitioners using concrete approaches and examples from practice. The aim of the conference is to create a greater awareness of how to deal with intangible cultural heritage in museums and to develop this awareness together.

The conference fee is €50 for both days and €25 for one day (reduced: €25 for both days, €12 for one day). Those interested can register now.

The conference will be held in English on the first and in German on the second day.

Further information on the conference programme

The Conference is organized by Institut für Museumsforschung and Museum Europäischer Kulturen, supported by MEK Freunde und partially funded by Fritz Thyssen Stiftung für Wissenschaftsförderung.