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Verein der Freunde des Museums Europäischer Kulturen e. V.

The Verein der Freunde des Museums Europäischer Kulturen e. V. (Association of Friends of the Museum Europäischer Kulturen) has supported the museum since 1978, providing funding for acquisitions, restoration and conservation treatments, exhibitions, publications, and events such as the European Easter arts and crafts market and the European Culture Days. Individual members also volunteer at the museum.

The association also issues its own journal series Schriften der Freunde des Museums Europäischer Kulturen. This affordable publication covers various collection objects and topics related to museum exhibitions.

As a museum, we rely on friends and supporters. We would like to extend a warm thanks to the association and are always happy to welcome new members. As a thank you for their commitment, association members enjoy a regular programme of tours, special events – readings, concerts, discussion groups – as well as celebrations and excursions.

More information is available on the association’s homepage.