Digital Offers at the Museum Europäischer Kulturen

#2.4: Unpraktisch? Mit Barbara Schmidt und Lisa Keller

#2.3 Nachhaltig? Mit David Karl und Georgia von le Fort

#2.2 Makellos? Mit Ewa Klekot und Arkadiusz Szwed

#2.1 Einzigartig? Mit Claudia Kanowski und Claudia Tetzlaff

Podcast: Montags geschlossen

The podcast “Montags geschlossen” (only available in German) reveals that a lot goes on behind the scenes at the Museum Europäischer Kulturen ‒ even when the building is closed to visitors. Artists comment on the current topics of the special exhibitions, and museum staff discuss their diverse tasks and prove that the MEK collection has a suitable object for just about any subject.

#3.2 Willkommen? Mit Olga Viviana Morales Bermeo und Göran Gnaudschun

#3.1: Bedroht? Mit Klaus Schriewer und Pedro Garcia Moreno

#1.4 Überflüssig? Mit Mikael Ross

#1.3 Verrückt? Mit Sebastian Strombach

#1.2 Unentschlossen? Mit Büke Schwarz

#1.1 Unsichtbar? Mit Sebastian Lörscher

#00 Trailer: Montags geschlossen

3 Perspectives on 1 Piece

In our series 3 and More Perspectives on a Piece, we elucidate selected works from very different points of view.

3 Perspectives on 1 Piece | The Europeans | Part 1

Length: 1:07 minutes
Foto: © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum Europäischer Kulturen / Ute Franz-Scarciglia

3 Perspectives on 1 Piece | The Europeans | Part 2

Length: 2:03 minutes

Hingeschaut! (Looked at)

Looked at! Screen from the Museum Europäischer Kulturen

In addition to exhibition trailers and image films, the YouTube channel of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin also shows interesting video series highlighting the backgrounds of our objects and work in the museums, such as Lieblingsstücke (Favourite Pieces, museum staff at the Gemäldegalerie (Old Master Paintings) and the Bode-Museum discuss their personal favourite works of art, in German with English subtitles), as well as Hingeschaut and Alone in the Museum – all extra offers for #SMBforHome.

Length: 2:28 Minutes
Picture: Paravent (ca 1900) © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Museum Europäischer Kulturen / Gigapixel - Google 
Animation: Retina Fabrik


ALL HANDS ON: Flechten

Basketry is a cultural technique that is thousands of years old, practised worldwide, regionally distinctive and still a handicraft in the truest sense of the word. Humans alone have mastered the complex weaving method, with no machine capable of replacing their artisanship. The exhibition focuses on this fascinating skill and reveals the interconnections between historically evolved knowledge and modern innovations.

The Human Trace Tableware

A globetrotting travelling exhibition curated by anthropologist Ewa Klekot and Poznán ceramic artist Arkadiusz Szwed, Traces of Work focuses on making the invisible visible.

Length: 1:55 minutes

Anna Weaves Reformation. A Tapestry and Its Histories

The tapestry, created in 1667 in the north German region of Dithmarschen on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Reformation, allows the viewer to visually enter the everyday world of its donor, Anna Bump.  

Exhibition: „Anna Weaves Reformation. A Tapestry and Its Histories“.

Length: 0:51 minutes

Opening of the Exhibition: daHEIM: glances into fugitive lives

Recorded at the opening of the exhibition on July 21, 2016

Length: 3:54 minutes

The people behind "daHEIM" | Barbara Caveng

Barbara Caveng is one of the curators and the initiator of KUNSTASYL.

Length: 1:14 minutes

The people behind "daHEIM" | Elisabeth Tietmeyer

Prof. Dr. Tietmeyer is director of the Museum of European Cultures and let artists and asylum seekers create the exhibition.

Length: 1:46 minutes

The people behind "daHEIM" | Dachil

Dachil wanted to become an engineer. During his first year in Germany he took a completely different direction. He is one of the curators of the exhibition.

Length: 2:36 minutes

The people behind "daHEIM" | Inaam

Inaam, 23, had to leave everything behind in Iraq, family and friends, all her belongings. Only a ring she could bring to Germany. In the exhibition she shows a series of drawings.

Length: 1:18 minutes

The people behind "daHEIM" | Aymen

Aymen is one of the exhibition's curators.

Length: 0:56 minutes

The people behind "daHEIM" | Diwali

Diwali had to flee from Iraq from ISIS. He is charge of the technical aspects of building the exhibition.

Length: 1:44 minutes

Portrait of the Museum Europäischer Kulturen

Length: 2:42 minutes
Producer: bboxx Filme