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Numismatische Gesellschaft zu Berlin e. V.

The Münzkabinett is the most significant archive of old money in Germany. The main goal of the Numismatische Gesellschaft zu Berlin e. V. is to ensure that coinage and medals are preserved for future generations as an important testament to our cultural history and to further advance the body of knowledge on this subject. Founded in 1843, it was one of the first societies ever dedicated to the field of numismatics.

It organises events and lectures, and supports new publications and acquisitions planned by the Münzkabinett. In recent years, ancient numismatics has become a new specialism of the society. The Freundeskreis Antike Münzen (Friends of Ancient Coins) was set up as a special interest group within the Numismatische Gesellschaft to focus primarily on this area.

Freundeskreis Antike Münzen

The Freundeskreis Antike Münzen (Friends of Ancient Coins, FAM) is an interest group comprising collectors of ancient coins, professional numismatists, academics and researchers within the Numismatische Gesellschaft zu Berlin e. V..