Critical catalogue of drawings of the Rembrandt School held by the Berlin Kupferstichkabinett

The Berlin Kupferstichkabinett’s collection of drawings by Rembrandt and his circle is world-famous. The critical inventory catalogue of Rembrandt’s drawings, published in August 2006, is to be supplemented by a catalogue of drawings by the Rembrandt School. This will encompass all the (ca. 150) confirmed drawings by pupils of Rembrandt.

It will also include drawings which up until recently – for example in the seminal catalogue of Rembrandt drawings by Otto Benesch (1954-57) – were considered to be by the master’s own hand, but which the latest research has shown to be the work of pupils. These account for about 50% of the previously accepted works, around 70 drawings in all. Then there are some further 80 drawings in the style of Rembrandt.  

Contact: Dr. Holm Bevers
Duration: until 2018